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Abruzzo & Environs

Routes around Ascoli Piceno


It is one of the most interesting cities in Italy with its extraordinary urban structure where architectural works from different periods blend. The only common denominator is the precious local travertine. Middle Ages and Renaissance live in Ascoli, together with the remains of the Roman era. Piazza del Popolo represents the heart of the city, a real salon indicated as one of the most beautiful Italian squares. Face: Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo, with an internal archaeological tour; the Gothic church of San Francesco; some Renaissance palaces with porticoes and battlements. Among the churches, we highlight: SS. Vincenzo and Anastasio, San Pietro Martire, the Baptistery, the Cathedral San Vittore, San Gregorio, Santa Maria inter Vineas, Sant’Angelo Magno.


Acquaviva Picena, a small town in the hinterland of San Benedetto del Tronto. It stands on a hill where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the hills up to the Apennine Mountains, such as Vettore, Gran Sasso and Maiella. The village is characterized by the Fortress, masterpiece of the Renaissance military architecture. It was first built in the 14th century by the noble Acquaviva Family.


Offida, ancient village enclosed within the castle walls built in the 15th century. It is placed among the most beautiful villages in Italy. Placed on a rocky outcrop, between the valleys of the Tesino and Tronto rivers, it is known for its laborious and patient art of bobbin lace, ancient tradition with a dedicated Museum. In the wide panoramic square at the entrance of the old city, there are the remains of the 1400 Fortress. A monument dedicated to Lace makers stands at its foot. Bobbin lace making is still very common.