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Abruzzo & Environs

Typical products

Typical products are the result of tradition and experience of a peasant culture that has been handed down from father to son for centuries. Today, the tradition is supported by organic farming that ensures products that are even more genuine.


The wines from Abruzzo with a registered designation of origin are: Abruzzo DOCMontepulciano d’AbruzzoCerasuolo d’AbruzzoTrebbiano d’Abruzzo. DOC Abruzzo was created to promote the regional native vines, especially Pecorino and Passerina, able to give fresh, fruity and elegant wines.

Montepulciano D’Abruzzo is probably the most representative wine of Abruzzo wine production. It is produced from the Montepulciano grape traced in this region since the ’700 (not to be confused with the homonymous grape Toscano). Cerasuolo wine comes from a different winemaking technique from the same grape.


Unlike other oils of vegetable origin, the extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the fruit and not from the seed. This gives it a smell and a taste that recall the fruit of the olive tree. In fact, a good oil is defined ‘fruity’. The secrets of a good oil start already from the harvest. In fact, olives are taken directly from the tree, avoiding their fall for excessive ripening. In addition, squeezing in mills must be cold, possibly through millstones. That allows the oil to have low acidity, to be digestible, nutritious and with a strong antioxidant power that can fight the aging of cells in our body.


Mortadelline from Campotosto, between the mountains of Laga and Gran Sasso, there is a discrete expanse of water: Lake Campotosto. Here, the main protagonist is the production of sausages, including the renowned Mortadellina.

Salsiccia, pork meat, duly passed to the “machine” (as they traditionally call the meat grinder), seasoned with pepper and salt and stuffed into casings of the same pig.

Ventricina, the best part of the pork, minced and seasoned with salt, fennel seeds, sweet pepper and spicy giving it a reddish colour.

Ciavuscolo, typical salami from the mountains of Marche, usual in homemade pork meat processing.


Pecorino cheese, classic Pecorino of Abruzzo. It is made with whole milk and rennet. It is pressed in the appropriate wicker baskets and left to drip for a couple of days. The wheels may be consumed after about a month or left to mature for more than two years. The protracted maturing exalts the flavour, making it richer.

Caciotta abruzzese, sheep milk is added to cow milk. Using milk from grazing cows gives the caciotta intense vegetal flavours and scents.

Scamorza appassita

The production is that of Fior di Latte mozzarella; pasta filata cheeses, however, contains less water and it is the least delicate dairy product.