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Abruzzo & Environs


Craft tradition is prestigious and ancient in Abruzzo. The austere expression of civilization and tempered taste in a setting of rare natural beauty and an atmosphere of deep and authentic poetic strength. Stone, wood and iron: natural raw materials, wisely reworked, create small masterpieces of daily use. Nature has generously given its resources to those who love and respect it.

Pottery from Castelli 

Castelli, the historical capital of pottery is on the slopes of Gran Sasso, in Abruzzo. The Ceramiche di Castelli became famous in the 16th century and seems to have ancient origins. The Benedictine monks, first feudal lords of the Valley of Sicily, probably introduce glazed ceramics around the 12th century.

Bobbin lace from Offida

The ancient and popular art of bobbin lace making reached its highest glory between ’400 and ’500, thanks to the strong demand for lace for liturgical use, still preserved in the monasteries of the area.

The Goldsmith of Presents

Between the 13th and 16th centuries, the gold handicraft reached its heyday in Abruzzo. The highest concentration of masterpieces (especially crosses, chalices and monstrances) is located in churches around the region.