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Trekking on the Mountains

Abruzzo and its parks, where bears, wolves and chamois live undisturbed. We will advise you for the best routes to discover the most beautiful Natural Parks in Abruzzo.

The Gran Sasso, the only mountain in the Apennines with alpine characteristics. The Corno Grande with its 2912 meters is the highest peak in central and southern Italy.

The Monti della Laga, a sort of “last paradise” that is still largely intact with its beautiful waterfalls and dense beech woods.

The Abruzzo National Park, the first national park to be established in 1922. Thanks to it, it was possible to protect flora and fauna that is typical in Abruzzo.

Majella, considered the “mother mountain” of Abruzzo. Huge valleys, home to many caves and hermitages, open along its sides.