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Martinsicuro and Villa Rosa’s origins

Martinsicuro’s soil holds the prestigious remains of the ancient city “Truentum-Castrum Truentinum”. According to Pliny the Elder, The Liburnians founded this city. The Ancient settlement was definitely abandoned between the XIV and the XV century, after the Gothic War and the Longobard occupation.

In 1547, in order to stop the more and more frequent landings of Turkish along the Adriatic coast, King Charles V ordered the fortification of the entire coast from Abruzzi to Puglia, along with the building of several guard towers and sighting towers.

To build the first of these fortifications in the boundary area between Abruzzi and Marche – at that time Pontifical State – captain Martin de Segura was committed. It was so planted the seed from which Martinsicuro would born.