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Holidays & Solidarity

Holidays & Solidarity

Where the initiative comes from

On the 20th anniversary of Hotel Paradiso 1983-2003, we thought about a way to thank those choosing to spend their holidays at Residence Hotel Paradiso, in Villa Rosa, in those years. It was impossible to thank everyone personally and so we had the idea of creating a humanitarian initiative, thinking that the best way to say “thank you” for what we get was to help those most in need.

What the initiative is

We have decided to allocate 1% of the income of each season to a project to be carried out in collaboration with organizations already engaged in the humanitarian field. In the calculation, we only consider payments by cash or by cheque. We do not count payments by credit or debit cards, for which we already pay a commission to various banks.

2016 – Help to Earthquake Victims in Marche and Umbria

This year, our commitment in solidarity has joined the noble cause of the aid in favour of the populations affected by the earthquake. We joined the initiative of the Town of Visso in the province of Macerata, who started this campaign:


We have chosen Visso because of an emotional bond between Hotel Paradiso and some boys from the area, now family men, who collaborated with us in the past. They deserve our warm greetings and the wish that everything will soon return as it was before or even better.

Projects we have already carried out